Software Development

We have specialized in designing and developing custom solutions to meet the modern day business needs and take the business performance to the next level. We are experienced in delivering the quality products/services to the delight and satisfaction of our customers. We are quality conscious and our main aim is to provide the customers, the solutions which suit their needs. We have got a highly talented and motivated team of Project Managers and Software Developers. So, we maintain high standards in the solution development process and ultimately develop quality solutions for our customers. We keep our customers involved and updated during the life cycle of the solution, so that the end result is more satisfying for them and achieves the best results for their businesses. Our high quality business solutions are long run and so complete and perfect that our customers can use them for a longer period of time without any maintenance and services, hence become assets for them.

We generally follow these steps to develop a solution for any business: -

  • Study and Analysis of Business Requirements
  • Design and Development of a Solution 
  • Testing and Quality Assurance 
  • Solution Implementation and User Training 
  • Support and maintenance 

Quality assurance and customers satisfaction is our prime goal. So, we provide state of the art business solutions and high standard maintenance and services to keep the customers budget to minimum. We try to involve all the stakeholders in the process of solution development, so that all of the users requirements are fulfilled by the designed solution and it gets support from all the stakeholders. In this way the solutions can play an important role to take the business one step ahead.

BSoft can also enhance the performance of existing solutions by adding new features and functionality and also the latest development techniques. We have expertise in designing and developing all kinds of business solution and have specialized in designing and developing complex solutions like ERP, HR Management Systems, Financial Solutions, Payroll System, Inventory Control Management System, Point – Of- Sale System, Patients Information System, Vehicle Trading & Workshop Management System.

Web Solutions

We are specialized in designing and developing web solutions to enhance the performance of yours business. We develop quality web solutions to fulfill all the business requirements and keeping the cost as low as possible. Our web solutions help the business to achieve its goals and ensure that business customers experience a very easy and user friendly interactive Graphical User Interface. These web solutions are flexible and fulfill all the changing market conditions. We provide a number of options to the customers by designing a few templates to select from. The web solutions are developed using the high technical web designing standards and latest technology available, which helps search engines to efficiently index the web sites. We maintain high quality standards throughout the solution development life cycle, and maintain documentation to facilitate the further enhancements and future maintenance. All the web solutions are thoroughly tested and debugged on different client settings and environment, before putting it on the web.

E-commerce Solutions

We are experienced in designing and developing e-commerce solutions. These solutions provide a broader exposure to the business by deploying a fully functional online trading web site. The clients can have any payment option of their choice. We also provide e-commerce solutions for the businesses to add more features and functionality to the existing web sites to get more their web sites.

Our web solutions are very easy to manage. The administration is very easy, no technical knowledge is required. These solutions are very flexible and there is no limit on a number of products.

Mobile Solutions

The current generation mobiles have made it possible to access the web on the go. These high quality mobile solutions keep the business on the move, as they are available to the customers wherever they go. So, it has become important for the businesses to provide as much information to their customers who are approaching them through their mobile devices. It would become essential in near future to have such a way of communication for the businesses with their customers. So, think smart, think mobile solutions.

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